Multi-Room Audio


Climate Control






Gone are the days of a CD player in the bedroom, a radio in the kitchen and a sound system in the living room.

You can now transfer songs from one room to another, or have completely different audio in different rooms without needing different devices. Multi-room audio system removes the limitations on how you used to experience audio from room to room



Works together

Integrate any home entertainment devices. You can have a comprehensive audio system to meet many needs

Fully integrated multi-room audio

Each room can be individually sounded or you can choose to play the same audio throughout the whole building

Room off & house off

With a double-tap on a Touch switch, you can activate/deactivate the music in the whole room (along with lighting)

Apple Air Play & more

Stream music from your Apple as well as other devices directly to your Loxone multi-room audio system

Audio reminders

Create reminders that the building will then announce over your speakers. Like a garage door left open or washing machine done

Alarm warnings

In the case of danger such as burglary, water leak or smoke, the building will immediately blast an alarm to warn you

Wake up alarm

You can choose any song or sound to play right in your bedroom in the morning

Musical greeting

As you enter any room, music will automatically welcome you. Walk in to a different song in every room or keep the same song in any room

Your Smart Home opens garage or gate upon your arrival. It controls blinds and curtains in connection with Air conditioning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. It turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns it off. No more unnecessary light left on.

You know right away if a door or window left open. It plays music in any room, it prevents water leaks or turns any socket off. It shows via Smartphone or PC what’s happening inside or who is ringing your door bell. Wherever you are.

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