Multi-functional Lighting


Climate Control






Combine different light sources with varying light intensities and colors to create your unique lighting moods with endless possibilities. Each light can be addressed independently for the highest level of light control and creativity.

For even more impressive lighting effects, we recommend indirect lighting like LED Strips along the ceiling or under the kitchen counter

By Touch Switch

By Free App

Auto Scenarios



Save energy

Lights automatically deactivate when nobody is in the room/hall/house. No unnecessary lights anymore

Measuring natural light

Based on the time of day and brightness, your lighting will automatically adjust

Presence simulation

While you’re away, your home will know how to control lighting on and off as if you were still there

Gentle transition

Gentle fading of light is easy on your eyes for the smoothest lighting control experience

Find your way

If you get up at night, the Motion Sensors will trigger light to guide your way at night – soft enough to not wake anyone


Dimming makes the room both look and feel more comfortable. It can help you save on energy costs as well

Flashing alerts

When the building senses a fire or burglary, you will be alarmed with flashing ceiling lights in addition to alarm tone

Wake up easier

Let the transition of lighting, mimicking the sun, wake you up in the morning

Your Smart Home opens garage or gate upon your arrival. It controls blinds and curtains in connection with Air conditioning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. It turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns it off. No more unnecessary light left on.

You know right away if a door or window left open. It plays music in any room, it prevents water leaks or turns any socket off. It shows via Smartphone or PC what’s happening inside or who is ringing your door bell. Wherever you are.

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