Climate Control


Climate Control





Imagine a home that maintains your ideal indoor climate around the clock all on its own. How is this possible? With true automation.
The smart home heating and cooling system knows when and how to adjust the temperature and air quality without even needing a thermostat.

Although your home will always maintain your comfortable temperatures, there may be times when those needs will change. Even if, and especially if, you are away from home. You can always manually adjust any room’s temperature right in the Loxone Smart Home App.



Save up to 20% on energy

Your home knows how to work with motorized blinds for the most efficient heating & cooling. During the day, the blinds will automatically open so the sun can help heat your rooms

Cooling schedule

Your home calculates the most efficient way to cool your home while you’re home and away. When you’re away, it will know that lower temperature is needed

Protect the building

If inside temperature leaves its defined protection limits, the building will know to react to avoid any potential damage

App control from anywhere

Any time, anywhere, you can change the temperature if you wish. For example, maybe you’re going out for a while and don’t need the cooling/heating running while you’re gone

Energy Saving while you’re out

When nobody is home, Energy Saving Mode will activate to control temperatures with minimal – if none at all – effort

Always informed

If something ever goes wrong, your home will notify you immediately. This gives you a chance to react quickly and prevent possible damages

Schedule your holidays

Your smart home will know how it should operate during all of your holidays. Whether you’ll be home or away, you can let your home control most efficiently

Monitor statistics

See how your home is performing by checking statistics related to temperature and discover even more potential savings

Your Smart Home opens garage or gate upon your arrival. It controls blinds and curtains in connection with Air conditioning for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. It turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns it off. No more unnecessary light left on.

You know right away if a door or window left open. It plays music in any room, it prevents water leaks or turns any socket off. It shows via Smartphone or PC what’s happening inside or who is ringing your door bell. Wherever you are.

Real Smart Home. Get Started.

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